Since 1992, Bud White has been passionately learning about the cannabis plant. Nearly 30 years later and he is still learning:)


In the last 7 years alone, Bud has worked with over 200 strains from over 100 breeders and selected nothing but the best genetics to breed with and create new strains.  Most strains (seeds) that will soon be released will be a small amount per NEW strain.  Meaning that the genetics you get will be AWESOME but limited.  The reason for this is because Bud is working with so many flavors and a limited amount of space.  Then the next project begins followed by the next project and so on....The most popular strains may be reintroduced to meet demand but doubt it... SO SEEDS WILL MOSTLY BE ON A VERY VERY LIMITED BASIS. 


Our Mission

Now the mission is to spread the great genetics that he works with everyday (Vendors and packaging coming soon)  You will be able to look at the strain guide and see all the great strains produced and worked with by Bud White.  Some strains that Bud works with are clone only and MOST are from seeds that he has acquired and germinated and then bred with himself.  The last two cup awards 2nd and 3rd place (2016 2015) were from seeds produced at BWG.  That includes one of High Times magazine 2017 strongest strains on earth Wookie Cookie #2.  This plant is a producer and LOOK out in the future for breeding projects from this girl.  Already sampling some and ohhhh boy!   Chunky Monkey!   Get ready for this year to include some strong winners as well.